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Our Yoga

We offer 60 & 90 minute classes.  Our series of 26 Postures, 2 Breathing Exercises is designed to work your entire body, inside out, every class.   We don’t have a bootcamp mentality, the yoga is challenging enough.  Our goal is to help you reach YOUR goal.
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Getting Started

Yoga is the perfect path to a lifetime of wellness.  Our series is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  Don’t worry if you are new to yoga or coming back after a break, we have new students in nearly every class.  Our certified instructors will take great care of you!
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Our Instructors

You will be inspired by our dedicated team of certified instructors.  Each one has a transformation story of what brought them to the yoga, how their life changed, and why they want to share their passion with you. Take a moment to learn more about our team.
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“Change.  One class, one posture, one breath, one drop of sweat at a time”

~ Stacey Stier, Owner

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Today's Classes


Today's Classes


You make a living by what you earn; you make a life by what you give. –Unknown ...

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