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BYNT Article – Striking a Balance with Yin Yoga


Striking a Balance with Yin Yoga

by BYNT Instructor, Christina Bartha

Envision a peaceful experience filled with calm tranquility. Imagine feeling total acceptance of yourself and others. Picture your body and mind being open to any possibility. Welcome to Yin Yoga! The BYNT Team was pleased to add this healing practice to our offerings earlier this year.

Yin is a series of long, slow postures that targets the connective tissues that lie beneath your muscles. Long hold times in Yin poses allow you to gently stress hard-to-reach connective tissues including ligaments, cartilage, and fascia. In turn, you’ll gain flexibility and joint mobility. Cyclists and other athletes may find that regular Yin practice opens up their hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Older adults may find restored mobility of the joints and range of motion that often decrease with age. Yin is also the perfect complement to the Bikram Method and will likely strengthen your practice.

The benefits of balance:

In addition to the many physical benefits of Yin, there are also elements of the practice that encourage mindfulness, stress reduction, and overall calmness. Yin is practiced in a dimly lit room with soft, soothing music playing in the background. This peaceful environment allows you to slow down your fast paced, demanding lifestyle. In Yin, the goal is remain still and passive in poses, no muscle effort or specific form required. This in itself is a challenge, especially if you are used to a yang lifestyle and physical practice.

One of the great benefits of Yin is the opportunity to create balance not only in your yoga practice, but in all aspects of your life.  The two facets of existence – yin and yang – do not exist without one another. Through regular Yin and Bikram practice, you can strike a balance between your yin and yang sides.

Yin Yoga is offered at both BYNT studios by Certified Yin Instructors:

  • Grapevine: 8:30am Sunday, 6:15pm Tuesday, 7:30pm Thursday
  • Arlington: 5pm Sunday, 7:00pm Wednesday
  • For your comfort and convenience, yoga blocks are provided.

Additional Yin resources include books by two Yin pioneers:

  • Yin Yoga Principles and Practices by Paul Grilley
  • Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark