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Meditation, like yoga, is a practice.



By Stacey Stier, Owner of BYNT

We are offering a “Learn to Meditate” workshop Saturday, March 4th 11:30-2:30p in Grapevine.

For me, Bikram Yoga was the gateway to my spiritual curiosity and growth.  At first, I thought of my yoga practice as a “workout”, and it was a workout – but I quickly realized that much more was available through my practice.  Right away, I noticed how the focus required in my yoga practice provided freedom from my typically VERY active mind.  I loved the mental reprieve.

As I practiced, more and more, I started to become more curious about my own spirituality.  I began to hear a different voice inside, my higher self, and I wanted to gain access to her more often.  From time to time, in my yoga practice I would feel emotions rise up that surprised me.  Where did that come from?   Why do I suddenly feel like crying, or laughing?  Is there a whole host of buried emotion residing in my body that’s now starting to be released?  Why do I feel so much more peaceful after doing some yoga poses in a hot room? What the heck is happening here? This led me to meditation.  There are so many scientifically proven physical benefits of meditation, and that’s a bonus, but for me the mental and emotional benefits I experienced were of higher importance and interest to me.

Everyday we are inundated with noise from our external world.  Whether we realize it or not, all of that noise “sticks” to us and our minds become cluttered.  At times, that noise can be so overwhelming we feel incredibly stressed out.  Before yoga I didn’t realize that this state of constant mental chatter was even harmful to me or keeping me from hearing a voice that was TRULY mine.    Think about how often your head is full of the conversations you had that day or the experiences you had years ago that you’ve never let go of.  It’s like our minds have a “replay” button and we keep hitting that button, over and over and over:

  • Wanting to somehow change what’s already happened
  • Wishing to go back to a time that was happier, better
  • Worrying about what lies ahead
  • Wondering how we’ll deal with the inevitable future.

This crazy vicious recycling of thoughts and worry can feel, at times, like our own personal mental hell.

Meditation is a “practice”, just like yoga, it’s not a CURE for anything.  But each time you sit down on your meditation cushion and you practice, you’re training yourself to be present.  Sometimes the mind clears easily and the meditation felt like “a good one”.  Sometimes the mind doesn’t slow down and it feels like a big FAIL.  The truth is, there is no “bad” or “good” meditation session, like there is no “bad” or “good” yoga class.  It’s just what it is.  A training ground for self control, determination, discipline, faith, presence.

Taking the time to be still, to quiet the mind, to turn off the external world and BE gives us the opportunity to turn inward, and remember….again….that everything already OK.  We have everything we need.  Peace comes from inside and will never be found outside of ourselves.  We need constant reminding of this truth, so practice is the key.

There is no way to experience the benefits of meditation other than to meditate.  Just as there’s no way to experience the benefit of yoga postures without DOING yoga postures.  I truly hope you’ll join us for this workshop.   Meditation in a group, just like yoga practice, multiplies the power of the practice.  It’s the perfect time and the perfect place to begin your meditation practice.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the March 4th Workshop.