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Fill Your Cup Challenge, Nov 20th to Dec 31st at BYNT


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“The holidays are upon us.”

How does that sentence make you feel?  Happy, excited, joyful … or anxious, exhausted, and depressed?  For many, the holidays bring a mix of emotions.  As Yogis, we have a secret weapon to avoid the holiday whirlwind: our practice.

Intention is Everything.

We’ve been talking about the phrase, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”  Take a moment to consider the following:

  •     This holiday season, how do you want your body to feel?
  •     This holiday season, how do you want your mind to feel?
  •     This holiday season, how do you want your spirit to feel?

Sample answers:

  •     I want my body to feel vibrant and energetic.
  •     I want my mind to feel calm and purposeful.
  •     I want my spirit to feel acceptance, gratitude and joy.

When you notice you’re out of alignment with those desired feelings … time to get back on your mat.

Your Challenge Goal is up to you.

The beauty of “Fill Your Cup, Choose Your Challenge” is that you choose how many classes per week are needed to take care of yourself through the holidays.

  • We encourage a minimum of three classes per week.  If you absolutely can’t make that work, commit to two classes per week – it’s fine!  Do those two classes with your best effort.  Remember: yoga is your escape, not another chore on the list.
  • If you already know the holidays can throw you sideways, commit to 3 or 4 classes per week.  Keep focusing on how you want to FEEL.
  • If you’re in a steady groove of 5 or 6+ classes per week, continue your routine and roll right into 2018 as powerfully as you’ve been in 2017.  No reason to jump the tracks now!

Let’s get started!

Challenge cards are available at both studios. You can join any time between now and December 31st.