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BYNT Grapevine Schedule Changes

Schedule Announcement

Thank you to our Yogis who participated in the 2017 Grapevine Feedback Survey!  We appreciate the time invested and detail provided.  Over the last few weeks, we reviewed the survey results against our own data including Attendance Analysis, ongoing Listen 360 Feedback and submissions to our feedback@bikramyoganorthtexas.com account.

We’re happy to report that the survey results, attendance data, and ongoing feedback sources are all in alignment (that’s not always the case!).  Based on your feedback and preferences, we are making the following schedule changes:


Effective May 15th: ALL 5:30am classes Monday – Friday, will be Bikram 60. Wednesday, 7:30pm will be Bikram 60.

Effective June 1st:  We will not offer Sunday 5pm IHP through the summer months

  • Demographic of responders:  The largest group of responders were Yogis that have been with BYNT for 6+ yrs, then 1-5 yrs and finally less than 1 yr.
  • Ideal classes per week by type: Most desired class type: Bikram 60, followed by Bikram 90, Inferno Hot Pilates, and Yin.
  • Value: We’re pleased that our community is “Extremely Satisfied” with the value provided for the price of membership/classes.  We can’t ask for better than that.
  • Front Desk: We’re so happy that you feel “Extremely Supported” by our Front Desk Team.  They love you too!
  • Fellow Student Support: Responses indicate you feel “Very supported and accepted” by fellow Yogis.  That makes us SMILE.
  • Cleanliness: Both the yoga room and public spaces were rated “Very Clean.”
  • Improving your experience: We asked what changes would improve your experience at BYNT.  There were a variety of answers from class times/types to retail, to community events and feedback on our amenities.  The most common feedback was a request for more Bikram 60 classes.
  • Recommend BYNT to a friend:  88% of our Yogis are “Very Likely” to recommend BYNT to a friend.  Thank you for spreading the Yoga Love!
  • Instructor Feedback:  We appreciate your detailed responses on our instructors.  Both positive and constructive feedback is necessary to continually improve our service!
  • Additional questions: Your responses regarding Inferno Hot Pilates, Yin, workshop topics and specific class times were also closely reviewed.
Obviously there were a broad spectrum of responses given.  The above summary is an overall recap – if your response was different than above, please know we heard you as well!