Paulette Borgognoni

Hey y’all! I’m Ariel and I am a part of the front desk staff at both the Arlington and Grapevine studios. I am thrilled to be a member of the BYNT family!

I was fortunate enough to find Bikram Yoga in January 2012 in the midst of a very intense college career. The summer after my high school graduation in 2007, I was involved in a serious car accident that left me comatose for nearly a month with numerous internal injuries, including a severe, traumatic brain injury. I had been an athlete all throughout grade school, so with the help of intensive therapies and the love and support from my family, coupled with my previously active lifestyle, I was able to bounce back within a year and start college.

After a year of very upsetting semesters, I remember driving down the street and asking God for guidance and endurance because I was sure that I had no more fight left in me to finish college. I saw the words BIKRAM YOGA beaming so big and so bright like it was lit up that way just for me. I went home googled and gasped (105 degrees!!), and after the initial shock wore off, I dove head first and tried it. From my first class, I was hooked and amazed. I was so surprised at how awesome and centered I felt afterwards. No longer riddled with anxiety and depression! More importantly, this yoga kick started an entirely new and healthy lifestyle for me that lead to me dropping 30 pounds and regaining my self-confidence.

This practice means so much to me, and has literally changed my mind and my body for the better. I get so excited when I talk about Bikram Yoga. There isn’t a doubt in my mind that along my journey I will attend teacher training and become a traveling instructor – I must share this practice with the world! Until that time, you will have to put up with my “Hey y’all!”, my smiles, and my encouragement at the front desk. I will always attribute the countless benefits of this yoga as my saving grace, not just for strengthening my mind and helping me to finish college, but also for saving my life.