Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons To Practice Bikram Yoga

  1. Lose The Back Fat (and belly fat and leg fat and arm fat…) – Bikram Yoga melts away fat by burning calories and increasing muscle tone. Warning – You’ll start to feel so good in your own skin you may even want to run around naked…we just ask you save that for home, or at least our locker rooms.
  2. Work Up A Sweat – This isn’t just any ol’ sweat; this is first high school date, fire hose drenched sweat… a serious detox that leaves you wanting more.
  3. A Spine Is A Terrible Thing To Waste –Your spine is the communication highway between your brain and all the other parts of your body. This is why back pain and misalignment can be debilitating both physically and emotionally. At Bikram Yoga we help you do the work necessary to heal your spine…after all, we know you’re capable of a whole lot more than the title of “Couch King”.
  4. Improve Your Mood, Dude – Flush the pharmaceuticals. Regular Bikram Yoga practice balances your hormones naturally. Bikram Yoga IS the prescription for total health.
  5. Lubricate Your Rusty Hinges – Every muscle, joint, and organ in your body will receive desperately needed oxygen rich blood flow. It’s time to trade in squeaky creaky for loosy goosey.
  6. Scratch Your Own Back – Your flexibility will improve and soon enough you will be able to reach those “hard to reach” places. Flexible and strong bodies are more resistant to injury.
  7. Chillax – Roll your overworked, overanxious, overscheduled self into Bikram Yoga for relief from that disease and fat-causing stress. Pretty soon, your friends, family, and colleagues will start offering to pay for your yoga because they kind of like this new you.
  8. Save Money On Doctor Bills – Stash your cash in your savings accounts, you’re not going to need as much for the doctor anymore. Your immune system will become stronger so you’ll get sick less often.
  9. Supercharge Your Libido – Er, nuff said…
  10. We’re a Fun Bunch – All of the interesting, positive people standing next to you in the hot room have made the commitment to change their lives and destiny one class at a time, just like you. We all remember our first class so let us support you and wrap you up in warmth, laughter and positive energy. Who knows, you might even start to like us.