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USA Yoga Southern States Super Regional, April 22nd


Southern Regional Flyer

Bikram Yoga Richardson Allen Hosts

The 2016-2017 USA Yoga
Southern States Super Regional Championship
April 22, 2017 | The Richardson Civic Center

Join us as we cheer on the BYNT Yogis competing in the USA Yoga Southern States Super Regional Championship. It’s going to be a jam packed yoga weekend with Senior Yoga Instructors, Yoga Champions, and Yoga Competitors from all over the Southwest.

Spectator tickets are $25.  Click here for event info and to purchase tickets.

Your BYNT Competitors are Rachel Helfrich, Kelly Krantz, Ahbay Bhosale, Amy Forrest, and Cathy McCauley.  Your BYNT Competitors Coach is Katia Heard.

Super Regionals Competitors

BYNT 15th Anniversary Party! April 24th 6:30pm to 9:30pm

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Get your dancin’ shoes out!  It’s time to boogie and party down as we celebrate our 15th Anniversary!

  • Date: Monday, April 24th
  • Time: 6:30pm to 9:30pm
  • Where: The Londoner Colleyville, 5150 Colleyville BLVD
  • Agenda: Celebrating and having fun with your ‘Omies.

We have the WHOLE PLACE to ourselves! Woot woot!  We’ve already confirmed the DJ, will have a dance floor, pool table, darts, and more.

Visit our Facebook Page under “Events” to RSVP.  We’re looking forward to celebrating this milestone with our past and present Yogis!

Experience the Chakras Workshop April 8

Grapevine Event


Join us for an Experiential Chakra Workshop on Saturday, April 8th to learn about the Chakras, energy centers in the body.
This is an interactive workshop.  Participants will awaken energy at each of the different chakras and help that energy gently rise.  The experience is one of deep peace, calmness, self-acceptance and JOY.
Tools we will use during this workshop:
  • Gentle yoga postures
  • Guided meditation
  • Chanting at each chakra
  • Affirmations
  • Aumming (or Omming) at each chakra
Space is limited, sign up today.  A brief introduction to the chakras will be given – no previous knowledge is needed.
Date and time: April 8th, 11:30am to 2pm
Where: BYNT Grapevine
Workshop Fee: $35
 Facilitator:  Supriya “Sue” Chadwick. Supriya was the Director of Ananda Meditation Center in Dallas for 15 yrs, and continues to serve as Ananda’s Spiritual Advisor and Instructor.
CLICK HERE for a short video about the workshop.  See you there!

Meditation, like yoga, is a practice.



By Stacey Stier, Owner of BYNT

We are offering a “Learn to Meditate” workshop Saturday, March 4th 11:30-2:30p in Grapevine.

For me, Bikram Yoga was the gateway to my spiritual curiosity and growth.  At first, I thought of my yoga practice as a “workout”, and it was a workout – but I quickly realized that much more was available through my practice.  Right away, I noticed how the focus required in my yoga practice provided freedom from my typically VERY active mind.  I loved the mental reprieve.

As I practiced, more and more, I started to become more curious about my own spirituality.  I began to hear a different voice inside, my higher self, and I wanted to gain access to her more often.  From time to time, in my yoga practice I would feel emotions rise up that surprised me.  Where did that come from?   Why do I suddenly feel like crying, or laughing?  Is there a whole host of buried emotion residing in my body that’s now starting to be released?  Why do I feel so much more peaceful after doing some yoga poses in a hot room? What the heck is happening here? This led me to meditation.  There are so many scientifically proven physical benefits of meditation, and that’s a bonus, but for me the mental and emotional benefits I experienced were of higher importance and interest to me.

Everyday we are inundated with noise from our external world.  Whether we realize it or not, all of that noise “sticks” to us and our minds become cluttered.  At times, that noise can be so overwhelming we feel incredibly stressed out.  Before yoga I didn’t realize that this state of constant mental chatter was even harmful to me or keeping me from hearing a voice that was TRULY mine.    Think about how often your head is full of the conversations you had that day or the experiences you had years ago that you’ve never let go of.  It’s like our minds have a “replay” button and we keep hitting that button, over and over and over:

  • Wanting to somehow change what’s already happened
  • Wishing to go back to a time that was happier, better
  • Worrying about what lies ahead
  • Wondering how we’ll deal with the inevitable future.

This crazy vicious recycling of thoughts and worry can feel, at times, like our own personal mental hell.

Meditation is a “practice”, just like yoga, it’s not a CURE for anything.  But each time you sit down on your meditation cushion and you practice, you’re training yourself to be present.  Sometimes the mind clears easily and the meditation felt like “a good one”.  Sometimes the mind doesn’t slow down and it feels like a big FAIL.  The truth is, there is no “bad” or “good” meditation session, like there is no “bad” or “good” yoga class.  It’s just what it is.  A training ground for self control, determination, discipline, faith, presence.

Taking the time to be still, to quiet the mind, to turn off the external world and BE gives us the opportunity to turn inward, and remember….again….that everything already OK.  We have everything we need.  Peace comes from inside and will never be found outside of ourselves.  We need constant reminding of this truth, so practice is the key.

There is no way to experience the benefits of meditation other than to meditate.  Just as there’s no way to experience the benefit of yoga postures without DOING yoga postures.  I truly hope you’ll join us for this workshop.   Meditation in a group, just like yoga practice, multiplies the power of the practice.  It’s the perfect time and the perfect place to begin your meditation practice.

CLICK HERE to sign up for the March 4th Workshop.

BYNT Celebrates 15 Years, 2/2/2002 to 2/2/2017


15 Yr Logo

Happy Anniversary Bikram Yoga North Texas!

Today, February 2, 2017 marks our 15 year anniversary of the opening day of our Grapevine location.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you all THANK YOU.  It’s hard to believe I was in my 30’s when I started this yoga journey back in 1999.  I am now in my 50’s.  Many of you began practicing with us when we first opened our doors in 2002, some of you even practiced with us BEFORE we opened our doors when we were teaching in a temporary location in Hurst in 2001.  WOW!!

I don’t know that I can put into words the gratitude that I have for the students and the staff of Bikram Yoga North Texas.  Y’all have been my inspiration and my teachers.  Without you there would be no BYNT.

Because of you I have grown as a yoga teacher, as a business owner and most importantly as a person.  Y’all make me want to be better.  You are an awesome community of people and I know that to have the honor to serve you requires that I continue to evolve, to take risks, to grow, to listen, be courageous, and to be vulnerable.

I am so blessed to have y’all in my life.  I am blown away by the beauty of this community – your kindness, your open-mindedness, your compassion for others, your sense of humor, your integrity, your vulnerability, your courage, your strength, your “flexibility”, your discipline, your giving spirit, and your commitment.

If the whole world mirrored this community ….well, it would be a better world indeed.  To me, y’all represent what is possible.  To me, y’all are the truth about humanity.  We care about each other, we enjoy each other’s company, we do the best we can and we believe that everyone else is doing their best too.  We take the time to take care of ourselves (body, mind and spirit) and because we accept ourselves as we are, we’re able to accept others as they are.   We know that we can’t change the whole world … but we believe that by changing ourselves, our whole world changes.

I LOVE living my life in this world we’ve created together.  I am honored, blessed, grateful, humbled and so incredibly proud to have this community in my life.

Thank for the best 15 years of my life.  Thank you for trusting me, thank you for teaching me, thank you for supporting Bikram Yoga North Texas, thank you for being who you are to each other.  Just….THANK YOU.

We WILL have a big party later this year to celebrate together and I cannot wait.

Happy Anniversary.

Love y’all,

Lessons from Vipassana, by Stacey Stier


As many of you already know, I recently attended a 10 day Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat.  Many of you have asked questions like  “How did it go?”  “What was it like?”, “Was it worth it?”.  So I will attempt to summarize the biggest lessons I learned or that are now more deeply engrained.  Attempting to summarize the total experience would require much more time and a lot more paper.

Let me start by saying Vipassana has been on my bucket list for a few years.  But the truth is, I was never really committed to going until I actually committed to go.  I liked the thought of going, but thinking and doing are world’s apart.  Back in the fall of 2016, I had another moment of inspiration one day to look at the course schedule and consider, again, going to the course.  I saw that the upcoming dates were all full and there was a “wait list”.  So, I put my name on the wait list.  It made me feel good to say “I tried” and it made me feel good that it wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t go, there was a wait list after all…haha.   After I signed up for the waitlist, I forgot about it.  Much to my surprise, I received an email on Dec 11th to inform me that there was an opening for me to attend Jan 4-15 Vipassana.  I needed to respond by the 16th of December in order to secure my spot.  YOINKS!  I didn’t tell a soul until the evening of 15th, when I finally told Suzann.  I was kind of freaked out.  NOW, the ball was in my court.  Will I say yes or will I say no?  On December 16th  I told my husband and asked if he would mind.  Being the solid support system he is he said “Do it.  If you want to do this, do it. Of course.” So I said “yes” on December 16th, still part of me hoping that they might say I was too late and my spot was taken.  I know, madness right?  haha.

This next bit of information may give you insight as to my state of mind prior to leaving January 4th.  On Christmas Eve I received word that a dear friend of mine had unexpectedly passed away.  He was 52. I found out later in December that the funeral would be held January 7th.   So now, I needed to decide to go to Vipassana and miss the funeral or cancel my reservation for Vipassana to attend the funeral.  That decision messed with my mind, leading up to the Vipassana and particularly while I was at the Vipassana the day of the funeral, wondering if I had made the wrong choice – a choice I would deeply regret.  An update on that later.

Here are some of my big lessons from Vipassana.  None of these things are new concepts, I already understood these things intellectually.  However, “getting it” experientially engrained the lessons much more deeply.

Time is Relative – Before going to Vipassana it often seemed there weren’t enough hours in the day.  BEING in Vipassana time ticked by at a turtle’s pace.  10 days felt like weeks.  Perhaps if I powerfully choose to be present to each moment I’m in in my “normal” life, I won’t wonder so much “where did all my time go?”  There were periods of time in Vipassana when I wasn’t focused on how slow time was ticking, I was simply present – tuned in, tapped in, energized and in the flow.  And many times I simply wasn’t.  I’m committed to increasing the amount of time I spend being truly present to what ever my current reality is.  Any moment, every moment, can be a meditative experience if I intend it to be.

This also will change – At first glance this sounds like another way to say “This too shall pass”.  But, for me, “This too shall pass” always feels like something to remind myself of when life is hard and certainly not when life is good.  But the truth is, life isn’t either all good or all bad, all easy or all hard.  It’s all of that and it’s always changing.  Life is life.  It’s the law of nature that everything is arising and passing, arising and passing.  Observe it all, attach to none of it….this also will change.


Craving and Aversion are the source of my suffering – What is is what is.  (click button below to continue reading…) Read More

BYNT Article – Striking a Balance with Yin Yoga


Striking a Balance with Yin Yoga

by BYNT Instructor, Christina Bartha

Envision a peaceful experience filled with calm tranquility. Imagine feeling total acceptance of yourself and others. Picture your body and mind being open to any possibility. Welcome to Yin Yoga! The BYNT Team was pleased to add this healing practice to our offerings earlier this year.

Yin is a series of long, slow postures that targets the connective tissues that lie beneath your muscles. Long hold times in Yin poses allow you to gently stress hard-to-reach connective tissues including ligaments, cartilage, and fascia. In turn, you’ll gain flexibility and joint mobility. Cyclists and other athletes may find that regular Yin practice opens up their hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Older adults may find restored mobility of the joints and range of motion that often decrease with age. Yin is also the perfect complement to the Bikram Method and will likely strengthen your practice.

The benefits of balance:

In addition to the many physical benefits of Yin, there are also elements of the practice that encourage mindfulness, stress reduction, and overall calmness. Yin is practiced in a dimly lit room with soft, soothing music playing in the background. This peaceful environment allows you to slow down your fast paced, demanding lifestyle. In Yin, the goal is remain still and passive in poses, no muscle effort or specific form required. This in itself is a challenge, especially if you are used to a yang lifestyle and physical practice.

One of the great benefits of Yin is the opportunity to create balance not only in your yoga practice, but in all aspects of your life.  The two facets of existence – yin and yang – do not exist without one another. Through regular Yin and Bikram practice, you can strike a balance between your yin and yang sides.

Yin Yoga is offered at both BYNT studios by Certified Yin Instructors:

  • Grapevine: 8:30am Sunday, 6:15pm Tuesday, 7:30pm Thursday
  • Arlington: 5pm Sunday, 7:00pm Wednesday
  • For your comfort and convenience, yoga blocks are provided.

Additional Yin resources include books by two Yin pioneers:

  • Yin Yoga Principles and Practices by Paul Grilley
  • Complete Guide to Yin Yoga by Bernie Clark

Yoga Nidra Information and Resources


Yoga Nidra is a guided “sleep-based” meditation that uses awareness and breath techniques to take you into a state between waking and sleeping.  In this state of being the physical body restores itself and it interrupts the process by which we engage our thoughts.  You are not “doing” meditation, you are “in” meditation.

Through a unique combination of alert awareness and profound relaxation, Yoga Nidra works by immersing the practitioner in the healing rhythms of the alpha state. Here, you simultaneously access the power of the logical left-brain and the intuitive right brain to align the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems back to homeostasis.
The Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra requires neither years of practice nor intellectual understanding. With focused attention and an abiding trust in the process, unconsciously held obstructions and energetic blockages are released, freeing you to actualize your intentions.
 Below are links to several Yoga Nidra’s from the Amrit Yoga Institute.  We recommend daily practice, morning or at bedtime are great, but any time is a perfect time for Yoga Nidra.
Lie down in a comfortable position and where you won’t be disturbed.  Rest back and enjoy.

amrit certification logo

Returning Yogi Special – $69 for One Month Unlimited Yoga

Yoga Special

Get On Your Mat

Has it been a while (too long?) since you’ve sweated with us??  Your mat misses you, and we do too!

Time to get BACK ON THE MAT!

If you haven’t practiced with us in six months or longer… a lot has changed at Bikram Yoga North Texas!

  • We now offer 60 and 90 minute Bikram Method classes, Yin Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates and more.
  • There are many events coming up and underway.  Don’t miss out on the fun!

OFFER: Returning Yogi Special

WHO’S ELIGIBLE: BYNT students who have not practiced in six months or longer

PRICE: $69 for one month of unlimited yoga

HOW TO PURCHASE: Online or at the front desk of either studio.

Returning Yogi Special