I’m Anne Kerner and I’m the newest member of the Yoga Advisor team!


I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an Autoimmune disease where your body attacks itself, primarily at the joints. I have always been passionate working out. I was a big fan of step aerobics before my diagnosis. I needed to find a safe and effective way to workout without causing further pain or damage to my joints. At the suggestion of my rheumatologist, I tried my local yoga studio in Louisiana. I discovered Inferno Hot Pilates and I was hooked! Low impact and high intensity – just what I needed! We found out we were moving to the area in June 2018. I began searching for a studio that offered IHP classes and found BYNT. I have been a regular at IHP classes ever since. I added in Bikram classes as part of the healing process from foot surgery. I have come to realize how beneficial this practice is both physically and mentally. I crave it!


I’m excited and blessed to get work for BYNT where I get to see and hear about others’ healing journeys! It’s an amazing community!