BYNT Concentration – starts July 1st

By June 26, 2019 Grapevine Event

One thing we love about our BYNT Community:
They want to know more.
They want to know why.
They want to know how.

That’s the outcome of staying loyal to our therapeutic healing method, Bikram Yoga, for 17yrs. Our Yogis realize the longer you practice, the more you learn…. and the learning never ends.

In July we are kicking off our BYNT Concentration Challenge. Every day in July we will focus on a specific posture. Your certified BYNT Instructors will provide tips and extra info on the daily posture at the start of every Bikram class.

With Bikram Yoga (and life), every detail counts! Weight placement on the foot, extension vs compression, inhale vs exhale… all of it matters when you’re committed to healing.

Join us as we get focused and dig into the details every day in July. You’re free to set an attendance goal if that motivates you. Our community goal is to get connected to the practice and encourage each other. We can’t wait to start, Monday July 1st!