What gear should I bring from home?

Bring ALL of the gear required for your practice (mat, towel, props).  If you do not have a mat or towel, we have high quality gear available for purchase. Mat rentals, towel service, and the use of studio props are suspended at this time.

How do I know social distancing will be observed?

  • Adhesive stickers have been placed in the lobby to indicate where to stand for verbal check in, as well as where to stand to receive information from our Instructor.
  • We have designated spots in the yoga room to indicate mat placement. During class all students will be instructed to stand on the line to ensure social distancing throughout.

How many students will be in a class?

There will be a maximum of  44 students in each class.

What if I want to wear a mask during class?

  • The designated mat locations and limited capacity ensure social distancing will be observed in the room.
  • We do not recommend wearing a mask during class due to the heated environment and effort exerted during class.
  • If a student prefers to wear a mask during class, they can.

What if I am pregnant or in a high-risk category for COVID19? Can I come to class during this time?

Consult with your doctor regarding whether practicing at this time is the right decision for you. We are happy to speak to any student 1×1 to discuss their specific situation, email feedback@bikramyoganorthtexas.

Will there be any changes to the series or the breathing exercises?

There will not be changes to the order or timing of the postures. The only change will be that breathing exercises will be through the nose only. Pranayama Breathing and Final Breathing will be through the nose with a closed mouth.

Will there be any changes to the heat for Bikram and Inferno Hot Pilates?

No. Classes will be the same as they have always been. Bikram classes: heated environment. Inferno Hot Pilates and IHP Power Up: lower than Bikram, still heated. Yin Yoga: no heat

I'm having trouble registering with the App. What should I do?

  • Refresh the App: Open the App. Swipe down to refresh the page (you will see a spinning circle during the refresh). Try again. Sometimes the App simply needs to be refreshed to resolve a booking error.
  • Email check: make sure the email associated with the BYNT App (visible under your name) is the same email in your MindBody profile. This will be the email we (BYNT) use to send you information. The emails must match or a booking error will occur.
  • Verification request: if the App prompts you to verify your account, click “Verify”. The App will send an email verification. If you don’t receive it, check your Spam or Junk folder. Often times the email will be sent to spam/junk.

If you are still having issues, email feedback@bikramyoganorthtexas.com.