Inferno Hot Pilates + Weights – Sept 15th & 28th

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Who’s ready for a new challenge? On September 15th we are introducing IHP + Weights! One of the key elements of IHP is time under tension.  The addition of weights increase tension, making your work during class more efficient and effective. Meaning – more RESULTS.

  • September 15th at 11:15 is exclusively for BYNT Annual Members and Monthly Auto Pay Members
  • September 28th at 8:30 is open to all.

CLICK HERE to sign up for Sept 15th at 11:15

CLICK HERE to sign up for Sept 28th

Posture Clinic with Stacey, Sept 7th

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Know better = do better. Posture Clinic is the perfect opportunity to expand your understanding of the series and get more results from your practice. Stacey Stier, Owner of BYNT and the most senior Bikram Method Instructor in DFW, will talk about the WHY and HOW of the poses. We will start with Tree Pose (Tadasana).

This clinic will include a BONUS breathing tutorial.  Using the proper breathing technique is transformational.  Don’t miss this event!

CLICK HERE to register.

Registration: $30.  BYNT Annual Members and Monthly Auto Pay Members: $20