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From Our Community

Most important was the realization that along with the physical benefits of yoga is the inclusion of the mental perspective.

Lynda KoshyBYNT Student

Being a former NFL athlete, I've had many years of wear and tear on my body. Bikram has been the antidote to relieve me of the severe pain from my neck, back, shoulders, and knees.

Correll BuckhalterBYNT Student

I was captivated with the detoxification process of my system. Before long I was addicted to the release of serotonin and endorphins after each class.

David BernardBYNT Student

David Bernard

I first heard about Bikram yoga from a co-worker that told me it would be an alternative to knee and back surgery. I was contemplating at the time to have surgery in order to continuing my marathon races and training. In the last 20 years I had concluded there was absolutely nothing better for me than running. It kept me fit and trim throughout my military career and afterward. So, I decided to give Bikram a try not really expecting to see a different. Shockingly it was very challenging and almost as exhausting as running a marathon. The instructor stressed that I come back and take another class within 24 hours. I thought to myself no way I’m coming back to that torture (chamber) studio. However, unlike marathon recovery, I recovered after about 2 hours and felt great with more energy. The following night I got one of the best sleep and rest years.

So, I returned the next day and it got better every class I took. I was captivated with the detoxification process of my system. Before long I was addicted to the release of serotonin and endorphins after each class.

Since 2009, this practice has continually been strengthening and healing my entire back and knees.

For example, in June of 2020, I fell off a ladder and fractured my tibia. It required major surgery and my doctor told me that I won’t be able to strenuously walk, run, or exercise until July of 2021. I had never had a broken bone in my body before and the months of recovery was depressing and demoralizing to say the least. In November of 2020 the same year, I felt that I was strong enough to attempt a Bikram class. After each class my knee and leg started feeling better and stronger. So, I started attending 3 to 4 classes a week. By December of 2020, I was able to run again.

To sum it all up, these are some of the benefits I have received from this practice. Healthy blood pressure, stronger heart, liver, pancreas and other internal organs. Externally, my muscles are leaner and more defined with a good posture. My skin is heathier and younger looking. However, the most incredible benefit I have received from this practice is the avoidance of back and knee surgery.

Today, I have been able to eliminate all the pharmaceuticals like high blood pressure, pain relievers, sleep aids, and cholesterol medications out of my life because of taking regular Bikram classes.

This practice has now become part of my life. I must admit it has taken the place of my running routines that I thought I would never want to give up.

Lynda Koshy

From the very first class I took I knew yoga was beneficial and it would be a practice I would continue. Here I am 15 years later, still taking classes, and I was right, but never understood how much yoga would impact my life. Most important was the realization that along with the physical benefits of yoga is the inclusion of the mental perspective. The mind and body evolve into an experience that not only improves your strength, balance, and flexibility but
it also strengthens your mental attitude and outlook in a positive and invigorating way.

The most important point in my journey was five years ago when I embarked on a one year yoga challenge. My husband and I were soon to be ‘empty nesters’ and I didn’t know what the next steps were on my life journey, but I did know it had to as big and important as raising my three kids. Six days short of the end of my meditative exploration, I still had no answers. I continued my yoga practice with an open mind and heart. Three months later, my husband and
I went to Hot Springs, Arkansas to celebrate my Birthday. There was an Art Crawl Friday night.

We spent the evening visiting galleries and meeting with artists. We fell in love with one artist’s work and found out he lived in Denton, TX. When we got home, I enrolled in my first Art class at North Lake College, TX. Four years later, I secured a degree in Graphic Design. The classes never get easy but you get stronger. In addition to the physical challenges of the practice, I leave feeling less stressed and more blessed. Bikram Yoga North Texas (BYNT) is more than a yoga studio, it is a community filled with loving and kind yogis that I am proud to be a part of. Thank you Jorina Petty and the entire BYNT community for opening your hearts and home to me.

Correll Buckhalter

Being a former NFL athlete, I’ve had many years of wear and tear on my body. Bikram has been the antidote to relieve me of the severe pain from my neck, back, shoulders, and knees.

Along with relieving pain, Bikram yoga allows me to feel flexible, strong, detoxed, and rejuvenated with mental clarity.

Overall, my entire body just feels better, more loose, strong and Bikram gives me so much inner peace. I’ve learned to breathe and remember what’s important in life. I’m grateful for the BYNT community.

Ken Howard

I have been a student of Bikram Yoga North Texas for over 10 years. My motivation to join was to lose weight and to become more flexible. I have greatly enjoyed being a part of this Yoga studio because of the qualified and friendly staff, and for the positive environment. All staff members are very supportive and will do whatever it takes to help students improve their Yoga skills.

Over the past year and a half I have focused on my health and eating habits. Combined with consistently attending my Yoga classes I have lost 100 pounds and feel great. I am more limber, but I am not yet where I want to be, so I continue to take classes, usually daily. The studio offers several different kinds of classes and I enjoy the variety.

Anyone looking for a safe and effective way to exercise should experience Bikram Yoga North Texas. You will find people of all ages, shapes, sizes and abilities which makes the experience inviting and comfortable.

Julie Jeter

My father passed away the morning of May 17, 2018. My daughter and I were on the way to my parents’ house to be with family when a woman running from the police t-boned our car, breaking my daughter’s back, crushing my right foot, and breaking my pelvis in three places. I was a runner at the time, but the next two years were spent recovering from this tragic day, a month in a rehab hospital, four months in a wheelchair, then a walker. I feared never being able to stand up straight again as being immobile for so long exacerbated arthritis in my spine, causing intense pain when I did stand. My foot required two operations in two years, there are screws and plates holding the bits of bone together. During those two years, I had multiple procedures on my back, none of the pain relief lasted longer than a month. Additionally, the pelvis breaks damaged nerves that ran down my left leg, causing searing pain and numbness. I was taking hydrocodone daily and feared the possibility of long-term use as I am a person in long term recovery.

After the second foot surgery, my physical therapist suggested that I investigate Bikram yoga to assist with my rehabilitation. I was so ready to get away from repeated, ineffective, expensive procedures, pain medication, and the discouragement I felt about my diminished condition, I was willing to try anything. And I could no longer run, as it exacerbated the pain in my spine. I limped when walking, the flexibility in my right foot was so minimal.

North Texas Bikram Yoga was a turning point in my recovery. Maria was so kind to me when I first came in, welcoming me with a genuine smile and heartfelt concern. As I explained my journey she calmly listened and supported me as I unloaded the events and heartbreak of the previous two years.

I must tell you, the first time I stepped into the 105-degree studio, I thought I had made a serious mistake as in “Oh Hell No, I can’t do this!!” I continued to think that for the full 60 minutes. As we moved through the poses, almost none of which I could execute, I was certain I was going to faint dead away, but I did not. Afterward, as I was sitting in the lobby, I felt a rush of endorphins I so missed from running and a sense of peace from using my body physically again. I knew then I would be returning to the hot room.

Since that day, my physical progress has gone further than I could have imagined. Through consistent attendance and willingness to follow the practice, I was able to stop taking hydrocodone. The pain in my back is gone completely. I no longer limp. My balance was non-existent at first but has progressed steadily as I have maintained class attendance. I’ve regained trust in my body’s ability to heal and function. I have more energy, no longer have stress pain in my shoulders from working at a desk and have hope that my body will continue to recover.

I have learned that yoga is not only a physical practice, but a spiritual and emotional practice. This journey truly began the day my father died; I held my grief close. I was unable to attend his celebration of life as I was in the hospital. I felt the need to be strong for my daughter, my mother, and my husband as we were all struggling to come to terms with the events we had experienced. Through the practice of yoga, I have been given a path of release and reclamation of my true self.

Now, when I enter the room, the feelings, concerns, and responsibilities of the day float away. The flow of energy found in juxtaposition of movement and stillness wash over me and I am in the moment. When class is over I feel connected with the energy of the universe and at peace.

I am truly grateful to have found North Texas Bikram Yoga, thankful to the staff and the yogis for their kindness, knowledge, and instruction. Namaste

Sharon Kubick

In September 2021 I relocated with my family to Texas. I have chronic pain due to a whiplash I suffered in 1987 when I was in my early 20’s. This injury caused reduced range of motion, but no pain for 10 years. By my early 30’s, the pain was significant.

In what I believe was an answer to prayer, for the past 21 years I have been able to manage and stay out of pain with the help of a handful of very skilled Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors; this is a gentle, specialized form of chiropractic care. There are not a lot of these doctors, and only one in north Texas located in Fort Worth.

I started Bikram Yoga in October 2021 after we moved to Grapevine. My daughter and I came to our first class not having ever researched this type of yoga. The 90-minute, 105-degree class, that was our first yoga class ever…was definitely a challenge. However, I noticed that after the class, I felt better and ached less. So we kept coming back. I have been coming to Bikram Yoga almost every day since mid-October. I just passed my 100 class mark. Bikram Yoga is helping to strengthen my spine.

I still need chiropractic care to stay out of pain, but Bikram yoga is helping me to stretch, tone, and hold my adjustments longer. I also suffer with chronic seasonal allergies and food allergies. The hot humid room provides a calming effect on my sinus passages and has improved my digestive function. I have been able to reduce my allergy medicine. As an added benefit, with my 100th class, I have lost 10 pounds and two inches off my waist without adjusting my (already strict) diet or doing any other type of exercise.

Finally, the instructors at Bikram yoga are extremely knowledgeable and encouraging. My fellow classmates/yogis have been kind, welcoming, and helpful along my yoga journey. This type of yoga also provides therapeutic benefits for my mind. When in the room, I am able to leave stress outside the door, and just focus on doing my best in the moment. As I listen to the posture instructions, I am able to compete only with myself, with the support of others. I look forward to where this mind/body journey will take me.

Nikki Buckhalter

Bikram yoga class has been, for me, “Godsent”. Simply put, I feel like the person God truly created me to be.

The day that I walked into my first Bikram yoga class, I was struggling with depression from losing the people that meant the most to me my mother and my grandmother, and along with that came fear, digestive issues, and low self-esteem. I was an overall mess.

Less than a month into my practicing the studio was offering a posture clinic so I decided to attend. During that meeting, the facilitator said “Come every day to get the shit off your life “.

Those words spoke directly into my spirit. I’ve come almost every day for 2years and I’ve lost 30 pounds, regained total control over my life, and acquired a self-awareness that’s truly majestic. I wish that everyone could experience the amazing restorative effects of Bikram Yoga and its power to transform a person at virtually every level. I will continue to practice as long as there’s breath in my body.

Lastly, I’m forever grateful for the amazing superhuman instructors at Bikram Yoga North Texas .