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Class DescriptionsSo many classes to choose from!

Increase your energy, mental acuity, strength and flexibility in this therapeutic 90 minute designed to be a daily routine to open, strengthen, and heal your body and mind.  Are you ready to feel reenergized, refreshed, empowered, balanced, and ready to take on life like a boss? Grab a 90 minute class today.
* All levels welcome. Heated to approximately 105° and 40%.

Get the therapeutic benefits of Bikram Yoga 90 and the challenge of a slightly faster pace and less rest time.  Feel accomplished, strong, cleansed and energized…ready to take on your day.
* All levels welcome. Heated to approximately 105° and 40%.

Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP)

If you want to improve muscle tone, cardio strength and chisel your core – FAST – sign up for this class today. Build muscle and  torch calories in this fun, energetic HIIT class (High Intensity/Low Impact Interval Training). IHP is so effective you will keep burning calories up to 48 hours after class.
* All levels welcome. Heated.


Relieve pain, tightness and stress through longer holds in simple poses that heal your joints and bring vital fluid to your connective tissue. The soothing music, soft lighting, and use of yoga props give you a chance to close your eyes and journey inward. Yin yoga allows your muscles to relax, using gravity and time to open and heal your body.  If you’re in need of some low key gentle stretching in a relaxing non-heated environment, Yin Yoga is the answer.
* All levels welcome. Not heated.

Ahhh… the silent class. This 75 minute classes features the traditional Bikram class with just one set each of the balancing series. Experience the calming silence as the instructor practices with you and only offers cues of “begin” and “change” for each posture in a quiet, low-light setting where deep meditation can be enjoyed. In this class you’ll understand the phrase “YOU are your own best teacher.”
* Experienced Bikram practitioners only. Not appropriate for 1st time students as no instruction is provided.  Heated to approximately 105° and 40%.