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Meet Michelle

busy mom and wife, yoga practitioner

What brought you to Bikram Yoga?
I wanted to try something new.  I was a swimmer in college and started to run marathons after my daughters were born.  I was interested in yoga and thought it would supplement my running.

What did you get from your yoga practice that you were not expecting?
In one word PEACE!  I finally felt centered emotionally and the physical benefits were an added bonus.  I suffered from Postpartum depression with the birth of my daughters and began to take Zoloft.  After practicing, I felt like I had taken my daily Zoloft.  I slowly stopped taking Zoloft and replaced it with my Bikram practice.

Why do you think it’s important for someone your age to maintain a consistent practice?
I think for women it is twofold.  We are all busy with family, work, and children and often pulled in many directions.  I know when I step on my mat I have 90 minutes to simply take care of myself without distractions.  I also believe it is important as I enter menopause.  Bikram works the entire body including regulating hormones.  I believe a consistent practice will help my body transition.

Why will you continue to practice yoga into your next decade?
I plan to practice the rest of my life to maintain my health, physically and emotionally.  I want to continue to be active and know practicing will allow me to do so.

What do you believe you could have avoided if you had started your practice sooner?
I believe I would have been more patient and accepting of myself and others if I had practiced sooner.

What advice do you have for new students or people who haven’t tried Bikram Yoga yet?
Just try a class with an open mind and enjoy the journey.  Practicing Bikram can have a huge positive impact on your life if you will allow it.  Sometimes we need to get out of our own way.