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Meet Scott

airline professional, Iron Man athlete, yoga practitioner

“Bikram Yoga is an excellent choice for the multi-sport athlete.  I added Bikram to my training and it helped in many ways.  The breathing, balance and focus you practice in the hot room transfers to swimming, biking & running.  The flexibility you gain helps to reduce injuries. 90 minutes of Bikram hot yoga is a perfect active recovery workout.”

What brought you to Bikram Yoga?
Initially a challenge from my wife.  I thank her every day!

What did you get from your yoga practice that you were not expecting?
Hot summer days do not bother me.  I drink more water.  I have more energy, focus and a new family of fellow yogis.

Why do you think it’s important for someone your age to maintain a consistent practice?
A consistent practice gives you the fuel to maintain an active lifestyle.  It strengthens your mind & body.

Why will you continue to practice yoga into your next decade?
Bikram yoga gives me energy, keeps me balanced in both body & mind.

What do you believe you could have avoided if you had started your practice sooner?
Less pain from injuries sustained from running & other exercise.  The back pain from sitting at a desk all day.

What advice do you have for new students or people who haven’t tried Bikram Yoga yet?
Drink plenty of water.  Embrace the heat.  The feeling you have when you walk out of class is well worth the effort.