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Meet Alan

husband, retiree, yoga practitioner

What brought you to Bikram Yoga?
My wife signed up for the 30 day intro program. She recommended that I do the same. I had a peripheral interest in Yoga but I knew nothing about the Bikram approach. After the first class I had no problem continuing the classes.

What did you get from your yoga practice that you were not expecting?
I have never been heavy set, but I have been able to stabilize my weight and stature. I make better choices in what I eat as well.  I receive compliments all the time (from the ladies)  on my stature and  overall appearance.

Why do you think it’s important for someone your age to maintain a consistent practice?
You cannot fight the aging process. You get old, you get old. BUT you can slow the process and be limber, have less pain, and have balance.

Why will you continue this yoga into your next decade?
Basically because I have dedicated the time and focus to do so. I want to age gracefully with the maximum stamina and resilience that I can achieve. I want this era to be the golden years, not the rusty years.

What do you believe you could have avoided if you started your yoga practice sooner?
I guess better late than never. I might or could have less issues with the back, neck, and spine. It is pretty much a given that not taking care of the spine is dangerous to your overall health, happiness, and longevity.

What advice do you have for new students or people that haven’t tried Bikram Yoga yet?
Bikram Yoga can be an excellent component to better health, mental and physical. Don’t fear the heat or the process.  Stay focused and disciplined. Once you become a regular, you will thank me for the advice.