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“There’s only one kind of yoga, there are just different paths to it because we are such a myriad of people. We are all God’s experiment of one.”
– Emmy Cleaves

The BYNT Team is honored to call longtime practitioner and Senior Instructor Emmy Cleaves our mentor and friend.

Born in Latvia sometime before 1960, Emmy Cleaves is Bikram’s most senior teacher. She began studying under Bikram in July of 1973, and currently teaches Bikram’s Advanced Class to senior instructors at the International Headquarters. As a practicing yogini for over 40 years, Emmy brings a priceless combination of knowledge, experience and expertise to her classes. Widely traveled and internationally recognized, she holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Bonn in Germany.

The efficacy of Bikram Yoga is made continually apparent to Emmy through the many therapeutic “miracles” she has witnessed in the thirty years she has taught it.

“What gives me such pleasure is that I am able to share this valuable thing, which has so much potential to better people’s lives and to heal whatever is not working for them,” Emmy says.“That is the ultimate accomplishment of my life and will be to the end of it.”