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Shelly Byrd

Shelly is certified to teach the following BYNT Classes:

  1. Yin Yoga
  2. Inferno Hot Pilates

When/Where did you graduate teacher training?

I’m certified Yin Yoga through Sacred Soul, Hurst Texas.

I am certified in IHP Level 1 and 2, with Gabriella Walters Inferno Hot Pilates, Las Vegas.

What was your motivation to become a teacher?

I decided to become a teacher after a severe spinal injury that involved a year of healing. After the healing process, I started practicing yoga and at that point knew I wanted to become a teacher and influence others.

What do you love about teaching? I love teaching because I’m able to educate and inspire others. It’s a wonderful feeling to watch my students change, grow, and improve their overall well-being.

Favorite quote?

“Never stop learning because life never stops teaching.” ~ Buddha