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Practicing yoga relieves depression and anxiety … Mercedez’s story.

Mercedez shares how $39 of unlimited yoga taught her to own her power. She relieved symptoms of depression and anxiety without medication.

  1. Click the link to listen to this brilliant, powerful young woman give a short description of how the yoga has impacted her life.
  2. Read the details of her transformation below.
  3. Then come and see for yourself.  The yoga works.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video, then read more about Mercedez’s transformation below.

Bikram Yoga Practices: Improving Physical and Mental Strength

I have been diagnosed as clinically depressed, manic depressed, and bipolar. I went to therapists, psychiatrists, and even started talking to my dog. When I started to do research on different practices to help with mental health, the same avenues that I have tried before were the first to surface. As I continued on my search I mentioned to a coworker that I needed something new in my life. I wanted to feel better about myself, both mind and body. She mentioned that I should try a hot yoga class. At first I thought about the difficulty of the heated room, then started to psychoanalyze the aspects of each pose. I wanted to have a strategy. My anxiety was the reason it took me about two weeks before I inquired to the studio she mentioned.

As I made my way to the studio located in Grapevine, Tx, I started to feel nervous and anxious. My husband and I showed up to the first class, 90 min session and the heat wasn’t as bad as I expected. Then as the instructor (Maria) began to speak, instantly I knew I belonged in that room, space. I felt like I was finally in a safe place. A place that I could be open to possibility as long as I was honest with my intention and my body. There was no need for strategy, it was all unfolding as it should.

I think the beauty that stems from the practice is the silence. The ability not to talk to your neighbor but to just be in stillness together. In unison, as a group, breathing, sweating, feeling all the fatigue and joy.

We survived the first class, and both felt brand new. I know for myself especially there was a sense of clarity that I never imagined could be possible. I felt strong. Ready to go out and conquer the day ahead. February 2, 2019 is the day that changed my life forever.

I started showing up to the Inferno Hot Pilates class because I thought that would make my Bikram practice easier. I have learned now that Bikram is the foundation. If you don’t have a solid foundation nothing else matters. I can now run two miles as easy as waking up every morning and I have no aches. I know that Bikram has transformed my life in more ways than one. I am excited to list off things that have changed:

  • Mental Clarity
  • Mental Stability
  • Feels as though I appreciate each day a little more
  • Open mind, more expression
  • Awareness of others
  • Physical Strength
  • Ability to accept

Now this one is a big one for me. I have always struggled to accept even the smallest of things, making mistakes for one. I now accept that to learn more about ourselves we have to be open to making mistakes, it is simply how we learn. We have the inevitable need to be more than we are in each moment, but Bikram has helped me learn to accept that your body can only do as much as it can. The instructors always remind us to listen to ourselves. “Listen to your body. Do what you can. Your best is always good enough.”

The positive affirmations are what make the days extra special. When you hear an instructor compliment your pose, it feels powerful. It makes you feel like trusting what your body says it needs is right and just.

Listening to the world around you can only be accomplished when you have mastered how to listen to yourself. Bikram North Texas has made me feel like I am a complete human being capable of great things, and because of this practice I have been able to open myself up and make new friends, feel confident enough to apply to jobs I used to think I was not good enough for, and most importantly it has taught me just how to listen. I hear now more than ever before.

I am living proof that you do not need to sit in an awkward waiting room to see a doctor that wants to give you a fix it all pill. You just need to listen to yourself and be open to new possibilities, like Bikram yoga. Try out the first month, your life will change in many facets, all good things.

This practice is for everyone, old or young, tall or short, petite or large. This is a safe space for all. No judgement, no competition, no embarrassment, just positivity and openness.