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Carolyn Cummins

Michael Gadway - yoga philosophy - Bikram Yoga North Texas Yoga workshop

Yoga Philosophy with Michael Gadway – April 1st

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The ancient science and philosophy of Yoga is as relevant today as it was a millennia ago. A powerful tool for personal transformation, and spiritual awakening, Yoga shows us the way to experience the light we are and how to unfold our inner potential.

In this afternoon seminar, Yoga teacher, author, and lecturer, Michael Gadway will share with us what prevents us from experiencing freedom of awareness and how to remove those obstacles permanently so we can live a life without restrictions or limitations.

Please join us in learning to understand the true meaning and purpose of our yoga practice.


“The philosophy of yoga with Michael was life changing and has elevated my practice. My biggest takeaway is that through the practice of yoga, we are discovering our soul by dissolving our ego. Yoga helps us realize that there is no separate sense of existence; and ego is just our perception which is not real. We should focus only on that which is permanent, like the energy source. Energy is intertwined. We are not separate from the source – we are souls that are an extension of the source. Every posture is a sacred place, because it’s an opportunity to move energy through our body. By dissolving our ego, we are purifying the body and mind so the energy can flow through 100% in our practice.” ~A, Bikram Yoga North Texas


Workshop Fee:

Members – $60

Non-Members – $75

Sound Healing with Sundari Sunday – April 2nd

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soundhealing with Sundari - Bikram Yoga North Texas

Sound and music have been used since ancient times for healing and transformation.

Our special guest, Sundari, has been studying and facilitating sound therapy for over 20 years. Sundari’s passion in life is to alleviate suffering of the mind, body and spirit through sound healing. Sundari uses a variety of instruments and techniques to restore balance, resonance and health.
The event will last two hours. Participants will experience sound healing through the use of ancient instruments including Himalayan Singing Bowls, a Crystal Ruby-infused Singing bowl, a Crystal Lyre, a Pythagorean Monochord, Gongs, and more.
We will not be performing postures during the sound healing.  Participants are encouraged to bring a mat, pillow or bolster, blankets or other comfort items so they can fully relax during the sound healing session.
Workshop Fee:
Member – $35
Non-Member – $40