Sound Healing Meditation with Sundari August 24th

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Sound and music have been used since ancient times for healing and transformation.

Our special guest, Sundari, has been studying and facilitating sound therapy for over 20 years. Participants will experience sound healing through the use of ancient instruments including Himalayan Singing Bowls, a Crystal Ruby-infused Singing bowl, a Crystal Lyre, a Pythagorean Monochord, Gongs, and more.

Sound Healing is great for anyone who:
– leads a very busy life and is looking for some ‘me-time’ to reach a deep state of relaxation.
– is suffering from stress or anxiety to calm the nervous system..
– has poor sleeping patterns, suffers from chronic fatigue or insomnia.
– wants to meditate, but finds it difficult to get into a meditative state on their own.

The healing vibrations of Sundari’s ancient instruments induce a meditative state, regardless of how busy a person’s mind may be.

Bring a yoga mat, pillow or bolster, blanket so you can fully relax in Savasana. Feel free to bring an eye pillow if desired. The room will not be heated during this event.  Register online or at the front desk.

We will not be performing postures during the sound healing. Participants are encouraged to bring a mat, pillow or bolster, blankets or other comfort items so they can fully relax during the sound healing session.

Event cost: $25

Registration:Grapevine – August 24th, 11:30am to 1:30pm

August IHP Power Up with bands, 8/11 and 8/17

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Mark your calendar for TWO Inferno Hot Pilates Power Up classes in August.

  • Sunday, August 11th at 11:15am (open to all)
  • Saturday, August 17th at 8:30am (open to all)

We are excited to introduce resistance bands to our Power Up class!  Resistance bands increase tension on the muscles, giving you even faster results.  This class is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.  Participants go at their own pace and modifications are given for every exercise.  Come join the fun.  You’ll be SO glad you did!

Happy in Costa Rica with BYNT, April 2020

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Relax and Renew in Paradise! Bikram Yoga North Texas and Robert Hearn with You Can’t Steal My Happy have teamed up to offer you a magical week in Costa Rica, one of the most biodiverse and stunning places on earth.

This yoga and meditation retreat will be led by Stacey Stier and Michael Gadway.  Activities features daily yoga instruction, guided meditation, and Yoga Nidra, providing the perfect opportunity for gentle reflection and the ultimate “ahhhhhh” moment.

Balance the spiritual good vibes with some action-packed adventure including a sunset catamaran snorkel cruise and a full day adventure tour featuring: ziplining, waterslides, mudbaths, tubing, horseback riding, and more.

We have reserved the entire resort giving us total privacy. Located in Playa Grande and across the street from the beach Rip Jack Inn is a gorgeous property where you can enjoy surfing, world class sunsets and three delicious-healthy meals a day.

All this and more is included for only $1800 per person/double occupancy. $300 deposit and make monthly payments, if that works best for you!

CLICK HERE to process your $300 deposit.  You can make payments on the balance so it’s easier on your checkbook.