Happy in Costa Rica with BYNT, April 2020

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**** This retreat is being exclusively offered to BYNT members until July 15th, 2019 and then will become available to the public. ****

Relax and Renew in Paradise! Bikram Yoga North Texas and Robert Hearn with You Can’t Steal My Happy have teamed up to offer you a magical week in Costa Rica, one of the most biodiverse and stunning places on earth.

This yoga and meditation retreat will be led by Stacey Stier and Michael Gadway.  Activities features daily yoga instruction, guided meditation, and Yoga Nidra, providing the perfect opportunity for gentle reflection and the ultimate “ahhhhhh” moment.

Balance the spiritual good vibes with some action-packed adventure including a sunset catamaran snorkel cruise and a full day adventure tour featuring: ziplining, waterslides, mudbaths, tubing, horseback riding, and more.

We have reserved the entire https://ripjackinn.com resort giving us total privacy. Located in Playa Grande and across the street from the beach Rip Jack Inn is a gorgeous property where you can enjoy surfing, world class sunsets and three delicious-healthy meals a day.

All this and more is included for only $1800 per person/double occupancy. $300 deposit and make monthly payments, if that works best for you!

This retreat is being exclusively offered to BYNT members until July 15th, 2019 and then will become available to the public.

CLICK HERE to process your $300 deposit.  You can make payments on the balance so it’s easier on your checkbook.

BYNT Concentration – starts July 1st

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One thing we love about our BYNT Community:
They want to know more.
They want to know why.
They want to know how.

That’s the outcome of staying loyal to our therapeutic healing method, Bikram Yoga, for 17yrs. Our Yogis realize the longer you practice, the more you learn…. and the learning never ends.

In July we are kicking off our BYNT Concentration Challenge. Every day in July we will focus on a specific posture. Your certified BYNT Instructors will provide tips and extra info on the daily posture at the start of every Bikram class.

With Bikram Yoga (and life), every detail counts! Weight placement on the foot, extension vs compression, inhale vs exhale… all of it matters when you’re committed to healing.

Join us as we get focused and dig into the details every day in July. You’re free to set an attendance goal if that motivates you. Our community goal is to get connected to the practice and encourage each other. We can’t wait to start, Monday July 1st!

Final Day of Classes in Arlington, Saturday June 29th

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Time has flown.  Our lease for the BYNT Arlington Studio is ending this month.  Our final day of classes will be Saturday, June 29th.  Please join us for this special day as we celebrate 8 awesome years with our Arlington Yogis.

Schedule for Saturday, June 29th

  • 8:00 – 9:30am: Bikram 90 with Maria Spoolstra
  • 10:00 – 11:00am: Bikram 60 with Denese Scott
  • 11:00 – 12:00pm: Sno-cones and community in the BYNT ARL Lobby

Ending our time in Arlington is tough.  As a community we’ve been through a lot together – thousands of classes, yoga milestones, personal milestones, breakdowns and breakthroughs.  The only way we are getting through this is hoping you’ll continue to practice with us in Grapevine.  We can’t bear the thought of saying goodbye to our Yogi family.

To make it as easy as possible for you to try the Grapevine studio, we’re offering a $39 Arlington Yogi special, valid for Arlington Yogis through July 15th.  All Arlington Yogis qualify.  Come enjoy Grapevine’s spa-like facility, supportive community, and the excellent BYNT Instructors you know and love.

The package will not activate until the day your take your first class in Grapevine. Grab your package now and it will be in the system waiting for you.  To be clear, you don’t have to take class by July 15th – just purchase by July 15th.  Your Grapevine month starts the first day you take class, so start when you want. We’ll be happy to see you.

CLICK HERE to grab your month of unlimited yoga in Grapevine for $39.

July IHP Power Up with bands, 7/14 and 7/27

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Our Inferno Crew will be happy to learn we have TWO Inferno Hot Pilates Power Up classes scheduled for July.

  • Sunday, July 14th at 11:15am (BYNT Annual and Monthly Auto Pay Members only)
  • Saturday, July 27th at 8:30am (open to all)

We are excited to introduce resistance bands to our Power Up class!  Resistance bands increase tension on the muscles, giving you even faster results.  This class is appropriate for all ages and fitness levels.  Participants go at their own pace and modifications are given for every exercise.  Come join the fun.  You’ll be SO glad you did!

BYNT Yogi uses yoga to heal bulging discs, avoiding a $30K back surgery. Jenn’s story.

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Another walking miracle… if you have back issues, read the full story below.  There IS hope.  Jenn had some grim choices – $2500 shots for pain, an experimental surgery that was $30K after insurance, or living with chronic pain and numbness in her lower body.  She decided there must be another way.. and gave yoga a try. Her effort brought astounding results.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video about Jenn’s story.

My name is Jennifer Carroll and I wanted to talk about my transformative journey so far with Bikram Yoga North Texas.  For context, I am 35 years old and I have had three back surgeries. My last surgery included replacing a herniated disc with a metal replacement in my L4 and L5.  As many of you may know, chronic backpain can make even the simplest tasks (putting on shoes, getting in a car, playing duck-duck-goose, etc.) very difficult.

In January of this year, I started to feel numbness down my leg, loss of feeling in my toes, and sharp pains in my lower back.  Having had these symptoms before, I knew what was happening.  I went to a new back doctor to confirm the problem; bulging discs, a pinched sciatica nerve, and scar tissue build up from previous surgeries.  The doctor suggested that I would need shots to alleviate the pain, which would cost $2500 a piece with insurance! They also wanted install an experimental product, similar to a pace maker, that would send signals to the brain telling it I was not in pain. This would have been a $30,000 procedure!  Since my money tree hasn’t been bearing any fruit, I decided to start looking for a reasonable alternative.  I searched the internet for saunas, massage parlors, or any other method to help relax the muscles in my back.

One day when I was perusing Facebook, I noticed a post that my cousin Sarah made about doing yoga everyday with Bikram Yoga North Texas attached to the post.  I started looking into them and saw the $39 unlimited intro, and easily made the decision that $40 is much cheaper than $2500. Why not try it out? As this was my first experience with Yoga, I was not sure what to expect.

Bikram Yoga North Texas welcomed this novice with open arms and gave me a step by step process of what to expect.  Not only was this one of the best workouts I have ever had, it had the soothing nature of a sauna to help my back as well.  I walked out of the first class with a sense of accomplishment. Both the teachers and the students were sweet and inviting, even if I did have to sit down through most of the class.  48 hours later and I was back in class ready to sweat.

After only a month, I could not only notice the difference in my flexibility and my breathing, but my pain was decreasing and I could enjoy life again! I decided to dive head in, full yogi, and became a full-time member.  Four months have now passed and I am doing poses I never dreamed I could, and more importantly, my pain has almost completely dissipated.  Recently I visited the back doctor for a check-up.  The results were better than I expected. Not only was my pitched sciatic gone, but so were my bulging discs. No lie, I cried my eyes out and my doctor was in shock.  All it took was incorporating yoga into my daily routine.

To say that my life has changed because of Bikram Yoga North Texas would be a serious understatement.  I listen to my teachers and listen to my body.  I cannot thank everyone in this family I have met enough. I have begun to realize that there are many people with a similar story to my own.  Bikram Yoga has changed my life and hopefully my story will motive you to try a class!

Practicing yoga relieves depression and anxiety … Mercedez’s story.

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Mercedez shares how $39 of unlimited yoga taught her to own her power. She relieved symptoms of depression and anxiety without medication.

  1. Click the link to listen to this brilliant, powerful young woman give a short description of how the yoga has impacted her life.
  2. Read the details of her transformation below.
  3. Then come and see for yourself.  The yoga works.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video, then read more about Mercedez’s transformation below.

Bikram Yoga Practices: Improving Physical and Mental Strength

I have been diagnosed as clinically depressed, manic depressed, and bipolar. I went to therapists, psychiatrists, and even started talking to my dog. When I started to do research on different practices to help with mental health, the same avenues that I have tried before were the first to surface. As I continued on my search I mentioned to a coworker that I needed something new in my life. I wanted to feel better about myself, both mind and body. She mentioned that I should try a hot yoga class. At first I thought about the difficulty of the heated room, then started to psychoanalyze the aspects of each pose. I wanted to have a strategy. My anxiety was the reason it took me about two weeks before I inquired to the studio she mentioned.

As I made my way to the studio located in Grapevine, Tx, I started to feel nervous and anxious. My husband and I showed up to the first class, 90 min session and the heat wasn’t as bad as I expected. Then as the instructor (Maria) began to speak, instantly I knew I belonged in that room, space. I felt like I was finally in a safe place. A place that I could be open to possibility as long as I was honest with my intention and my body. There was no need for strategy, it was all unfolding as it should.

I think the beauty that stems from the practice is the silence. The ability not to talk to your neighbor but to just be in stillness together. In unison, as a group, breathing, sweating, feeling all the fatigue and joy.

We survived the first class, and both felt brand new. I know for myself especially there was a sense of clarity that I never imagined could be possible. I felt strong. Ready to go out and conquer the day ahead. February 2, 2019 is the day that changed my life forever.

I started showing up to the Inferno Hot Pilates class because I thought that would make my Bikram practice easier. I have learned now that Bikram is the foundation. If you don’t have a solid foundation nothing else matters. I can now run two miles as easy as waking up every morning and I have no aches. I know that Bikram has transformed my life in more ways than one. I am excited to list off things that have changed:

  • Mental Clarity
  • Mental Stability
  • Feels as though I appreciate each day a little more
  • Open mind, more expression
  • Awareness of others
  • Physical Strength
  • Ability to accept

Now this one is a big one for me. I have always struggled to accept even the smallest of things, making mistakes for one. I now accept that to learn more about ourselves we have to be open to making mistakes, it is simply how we learn. We have the inevitable need to be more than we are in each moment, but Bikram has helped me learn to accept that your body can only do as much as it can. The instructors always remind us to listen to ourselves. “Listen to your body. Do what you can. Your best is always good enough.”

The positive affirmations are what make the days extra special. When you hear an instructor compliment your pose, it feels powerful. It makes you feel like trusting what your body says it needs is right and just.

Listening to the world around you can only be accomplished when you have mastered how to listen to yourself. Bikram North Texas has made me feel like I am a complete human being capable of great things, and because of this practice I have been able to open myself up and make new friends, feel confident enough to apply to jobs I used to think I was not good enough for, and most importantly it has taught me just how to listen. I hear now more than ever before.

I am living proof that you do not need to sit in an awkward waiting room to see a doctor that wants to give you a fix it all pill. You just need to listen to yourself and be open to new possibilities, like Bikram yoga. Try out the first month, your life will change in many facets, all good things.

This practice is for everyone, old or young, tall or short, petite or large. This is a safe space for all. No judgement, no competition, no embarrassment, just positivity and openness.